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Safety glass, also referred to as tempered glass, is increasingly common as building regulations in Florida have become more strict. This type of glass is required in certain areas of homes and businesses because it is less likely to break and if it does break it is less likely to shatter into sharp pieces. It’s very common to see safety glass in schools, bathroom windows and glass shower walls, and retail display windows as well as many more places.

The staff at Gary’s Quality Mirrors & Glass can help you identify which areas of your home or business need safety glass and what type of safety glass would work best for your specific application. We carry several different styles of safety glass so we can match the right glass to the application.

Types Of Safety Glass

There are many different types of safety glass, each with its own unique features. We carry and install the following types of safety glass:

  • Laminated Glass. This type of glass is held in place when broken. If you’ve ever seen a shattered car window, you’ve seen laminated glass. When shattered, the glass crumbles into small pieces instead of shards and it often results in “spider-web” cracks if not fully broken.
  • Fire Rated Glass. Fire rated glass has been treated with insulating materials to help block the transmission of conductive and radiant heat through the glass without any loss of visibility or light. It can be used indoors or outdoors in any area where fire is a potential threat.
  • Bullet Resistant Glass. Bullet resistant glass is made up of two types of glass – one hard and one soft. Together, they create a glass that is strong but also elastic. This makes the glass harder to break through, especially after it has been tempered by thermal or chemical processes.

Design Safety Glass With Help From Gary’s Quality Mirrors & Glass

Contact us if you are in need of safety glass for your Orlando home or business. We will be happy to discuss your project over the phone or come out and do an inspection so we can recommend the right type of safety glass for your needs.