Antique and Museum Glass

Antiques and museum pieces need special protection.

Antiques and museum pieces need special protection. Simply placing them in glass case isn’t enough. They need museum glass, also called conservation glass. Non-reflective museum glass blocks UV rays that can damage delicate pieces.

Gary’s Quality Mirrors & Glass is a custom antique glass shop in Orlando, Florida. We create custom glass solutions with non-reflective museum glass to protect antiques, artwork, collectibles, photographs, and more.

How Museum Glass Is Different

The biggest difference between museum glass and regular display case glass is in the anti-reflective coating. The coating blocks nearly 99% of indoor and outdoor ultraviolet rays, which can fade or damage artwork and collectibles so they last longer.

The finish is hardly noticeable so it does not detract from the visibility of the item on display and the anti-reflective nature of conservation glass actually makes some pieces appear clearer and brighter.

Where To Use Museum Glass

Museum glass can be used in a variety of ways. It is not limited to use in museums or antiques stores. It can be used as glass in a frame of your favorite photo, painting, or print. It can be set into a display case. It can be used in a shadowbox or keepsake box. It can even be used in larger applications like windows, doors, and cabinets. It is perfect for use anywhere you want to protect the items on display from ultraviolet radiation.

Custom-Cut Museum Glass From Gary’s Quality Mirrors & Glass

Whether you called it Antique Glass, Museum Glass, or Conservation Glass, this is a beautiful and versatile glass that will enhance and protect your artwork and antiques. Contact us to learn more about museum glass or to discuss your project.